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15Jan 2016

As a sole trader the business is not legally separate from the self-employed person that is running it so the simple answer is no, a separate business bank account is not required. The main benefit of not having a dedicated business account is to reduce any fees that may be payable, although a number of […]

13Nov 2015

If you run a small business and work from home whether part time or full time for your business you can claim an allowance against your income which will reduce your tax bill. Depending on your circumstances there are two options: Flat Rate depending on the number of hours you work from home each month […]

13Oct 2015

If you are running a business and are self-employed HMRC will allow you to claim for your car by either: Fixed Rate – 45p (up to 10,000 miles, 25p per mile thereafter) for each business mile you do Cost – Total expenditure less deduction for personal use It is generally accepted that you can switch […]

22Sep 2015

The world of pensions has changed dramatically in recent years. This opens up many more options for us to tailor income in retirement to our needs. State Pension From April 2016 Basic State Pension will be £7,716.80 per annum if we paid national insurance contributions for 35 qualifying years. State pension Age will increase to […]

08Aug 2015

A sole trader can be defined as a person who is the exclusive owner of a business, entitled to keep all profits after tax has been paid but liable for all losses. As a sole trader the business is not legally separate from the self-employed person. Being self employed you are essentially a sole trader, […]