Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What help is available?

    The system has help features at various points using the ? button. Additional Support is available by e-mail. We endeavour to respond within 24 hours of your enquiry during the working week.

  2. Will Adzuki work on my computer?

    Adzuki is designed to work on any computer that meets the minimum requirements.

  3. How many Customers and Suppliers can I add?

    Adzuki will allow you to record up to 500 customers and 500 suppliers. If you need to add more we can increase the limit for a small additional cost.

  4. How many accounts can I add?

    The system will allow you to have multiple bank accounts, but only one loan, credit card or cash account.

  5. What if I forget my password?

    If you forget your password, use the link on the log in page and we will reset for you.

  6. Is there a limit to the number of transactions I can add?

    Adzuki will allow you to record up to 500 transactions per month. If you need to add more we can increase the limit for a small additional cost.

  7. How will I know if I’ve made any money?

    At any time you can look at the profit and loss report which will give an indication of the profit or loss you have made based on the transactions you have entered.

  8. Is the system available 24/7?

    Yes, it will be available 24 hours a day. The only exception is when we are doing maintenance or upgrades.

  9. What happens if you add additional features?

    We are constantly developing the system, as and when they are released we will make you aware and it is your decision whether you think the feature will be of benefit and if you wish to incur any additional cost, if appropriate.

  10. What happens if I need additional features?

    If you have ideas for improvements and additional features please contact us.

  11. What languages are supported by Adzuki?

    Adzuki currently only offers a UK English version as it is for UK-based traders.

  12. I would like to give you feedback – what do I do?

    We always welcome feedback as it helps us improve Adzuki. Please email us your feedback (good and bad) to:

  13. What if I don’t validate my email address?

    You need to validate your email address in order to use the system. You cannot log in until it has been verified.

  14. I’ve forgotten my registered email address. What do I do?”

    Please contact who will be happy to help.


  1. Will Adzuki produce my Tax Return?

    Not yet, when you have entered all your transactions and completed the year end process Adzuki will produce the information for you to complete your tax return.

  2. Can I submit my Tax Return online?

    HMRC are currently working with software developers such as Adzuki so that in 2020 the tax return process will be automated. Currently this feature is not supported.

  3. What reports are prepared?

    Adzuki will prepare a Profit and Loss account and Capital Account. You can also filter and print transactions using the system.

  4. Will Adzuki calculate my tax bill?

    No, we are developing a spreadsheet that will give you an estimate of tax due based on income from self employment.


  1. How does the free trial work?

    We offer a 14 day free trial so that you can test the system and see if it is right for you. After that you can pay monthly or annually, or if you don’t like it just walk away.

  2. How do you handle payments for the subscription?

    Adzuki use a fully automated and secure system called GoCardless to handle subscription payments via Direct Debit. You’ll be notified of any payment detail changes and you’re in full control of the debit debit at all times.

    GoCardless is used around the world by TripAdvisor, HM Government, Financial Times and The Guardian. So your money (and your payments to us) are in safe, secure hands.

  3. I have two companies, can I use one account?

    At this stage you will need two separate accounts. Although you can contact us and we will offer a discount on your second account.

  4. What if I stop trading?

    If you stop trading we can continue to hold your data on a care and maintenance basis at a reduced fee.

  5. Are upgrades included in the basic cost?

    General upgrades are included in the basic cost.


  1. Do I still need an Accountant?

    It is up to you, and is dependent on your confidence and knowledge of allowable expenditure. Adzuki provides the tools you need to produce the numbers for your tax return based on the information you have put into the system.

  2. Can someone else input the information for my business?

    Yes, you have one access per account and you can give access to anyone you choose on your account and be able to monitor your finances.

  3. Can I give account access to my accountant?

    Yes, if you choose to use an accountant you can give them access so that he can review your transactions and pull off the information he needs to help you complete your tax return.

  4. Can I still access Adzuki without internet access?

    The system is cloud based so you will not be able to access if you do not have an internet connection.

  5. Will I understand the language used?

    We have designed the system to be as jargon free as possible.

  6. What happens if Adzuki stops trading?

    If Adzuki stops trading for any reason we will source an alternative provider and ensure that your data is transferred. In addition your data will be e-mailed to you as a spreadsheet.


  1. Is my data secure?

    Yes. Your data is stored in highly secure UK data centres which have built-in redundancy measures and back-up facilities to avoid data loss. Access to Adzuki is secured using an SSL certificate similar to shopping sites which stops anyone malicious from accessing your data. Nothing that can be used to access your account is stored locally on your PC, though we recommend against using Adzuki on shared or public PCs such as in a Library to reduce the risk of any issues.

  2. Are my payments to Adzuki secure?

    Yes. Adzuki use a fully automated and secure system called GoCardless to handle subscription payments.

    GoCardless is used around the world by TripAdvisor, HM Government, Financial Times and The Guardian.


Derek – Artist, Wirral

‘ As an artist I needed a simple way of recording my sales and materials costs that was much more accurate and professional than my normal bag of receipts. As a person who is not great with the administration side of my business, it has been brilliant to find a system that’s so logical. Unlike my old paper based system I can also see at a glance how much money I’ve got coming. I have recommended Adzuki to a number of my self employed friends.’