gocardless-logoAdzuki use a fully automated and secure system called GoCardless to handle subscription payments.

GoCardless is used around the world by TripAdvisor, HM Government, Financial Times and The Guardian. So your money (and your payments to us) are in safe, secure hands.

You have two payment options when you create an account with Adzuki

6-pounds-per-month Pay Monthly

Just £6 per month including VAT

60-pounds-annuallyPay Annually

Pay annually & get 2 months free

£60 per annum including VAT

We offer a 14 day free trial so that you can test the system and see if it is right for you. After that you can pay monthly or annually, or if you don’t like it just walk away.

If you haven’t already, take a look through the features and how Adzuki can benefit your business.

Diane – Freelance photographer, Cheshire
‘I had always employed an accountant to put together all my income and business expenses at the end of the year but never really knew how my business was doing on an on-going basis.
Thanks to Adzuki I can now enter all my numbers and know where Ii am up to at any time. I also like the simple prompts and user guides, plus the simple language – it’s really logical and easy to use for someone like me.

Pete – Joiner, Anglesey
‘My accounts are one of those things that used to get done last minute, at the end of the year. Using the Adzuki system I have been able to complete them myself and file them earlier than I have done before.
A lot of my work is sub-contract which means I have tax deducted throughout the year by the contractor, getting my tax return in early meant that I got my tax refund quicker.